Thursday, January 16, 2014

Just Dance!

My daughter received the new Just Dance 2014 video game from my brother for Christmas. I anticipated that she would love it (she does!). I did not anticipate that her brother, Graham, would get as much out of it as she does, or that I would adopt it as an ideal indoor workout in the midst of the coldest/messiest winter we've had in years.

I'm still going to aquafit, but now I also have something to keep me moving in my own basement. If you've never tried any of the Just Dance games, they really are a fun way to get grooving!

With bright graphics and easy-to-learn dance moves, this game is a winner. Popular and classic songs are available with range of danceability (easy, medium, hard) for any participant.

I was more than impressed with my six year-old son's ability to really pick up the moves! He is quite the little mover. And my daughter, who is in her second year of hip-hop dance classes, amazes me as always.

As for myself, because I'm incredibly uncoordinated and have some slightly compromised abilities, it helps that as long as you move the hand holding the motion wand properly, you can get a pretty high score, even if you're not attempting the fancy footwork!

~ Alison

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