Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Challenges of Parenting with a Chronic Illness

I battled for a long time with the idea of creating a blog to describe my struggles as a mom with a chronic illness. I didn't want to make the fact that I've been diagnosed with MS to be a major facet of my life.

I had five relapse free years after my diagnosis during which I simply tried to focus on other things. This August, I had to face the reality of another MS relapse. It was almost as if I had to go through the adjustment process all over again.

Now that I've been forced to face the fact that I DO have a chronic illness that can rear its ugly head at any time, I find I need an outlet in which to deal with that hard fact in a way that will help me to process the varied emotions it engenders and maintain an optimistic outlet.

I can't just bottle it all up inside.

I've been going crazy with so many thoughts and worries in my head, from how will I parent my two kids to the best of my ability to how can I maintain a healthy relationship with my husband, to how will menopause affect my MS or vice versa. So many things that if I don't write some of it down I think I will explode. I can only hope that there are other moms out there, dealing with MS or another chronic illness, or a disability, who can relate to my struggles, doubts and fears as a mom and a wife.

(The blog title refers to my daily injection therapy - a treatment to control my disease as much as possible, and to a popular children's book by Dr. Seuss.)

~ Alison

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