Thursday, October 17, 2013

Big M, little m...

...what begins with M?

MS and Menopause, M M M.

So...had a nice chat with my doctor today. She doesn't actually think I'm starting Menopause or Peri-Menopause yet, because I'm still having pretty regular periods, and I'm only (!) fourty-four. She thinks the increased premenstrual symptoms I had in August and September were caused by stress from my MS relapse. She might be right because they aren't as bad this month.

So that is good news!

We spoke for a bit about the possibility that menopause, when it does start, might cause more MS problems for me. She said that hormone replacement therapy would be an option, and that it is not as bad as they thought years and years ago. I really don't know if I want to go that route though. But it's not something I have to think about yet, so yay!

I told her that I had started this blog and she thought it was a great idea, to help me manage my emotions and the stress of dealing with this illness. She also printed off a list of community resources/counselling services in case I might need them. She is so awesome!

~ Alison

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